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For information about your tee times or to modify your reservation, visit your Upcoming Reservations page or call UK Phone: +44 28 9568 0287 or IE Phone: +353 1800 852 936, 9AM - 5PM or email


How do I contact Customer Support?

The FAQs above are designed to help you with answers to some of our most commonly asked questions. If, however, you do not see an answer for your specific question, you can contact our customer service team by email at or if you would prefer to speak with someone you can call our international freephone number UK Phone: +44 28 9568 0287 or IE Phone: +353 1800 852 936.

Do I need a GolfNow account to make a booking?

A GolfNow account is not mandatory to make a booking, however we would recommend creating an account to benefit from all of the great free features of a GolfNow account. Making an account is now even easier to do during the booking process.

How do I change my password?

You can change the password on your GolfNow account through Account Settings and Change Password on

Why am I required to create a username?

We recently updated our username format requirements. As a result, those that did not comply with our updated requirements were assigned a temporary username. You may update your username at any time within your account. Usernames may be used for participation in exciting new features and programs on GolfNow. Please review the following username requirements:
20 characters or less
No spaces
No invalid characters (i.e. &, #, %, *)
No inappropriate language

Weather and Cancellation Policy

Can I cancel my reservation?

Hot Deal times are cancellable and refundable up to 24 hours before the time of play. Within 24 hours of the time of play, Hot Deal times are non-refundable unless the course is closed due to weather on the day of play. Any refunded amounts will be available as credit to use toward a future tee time booking

Non Hot Deals tee times are subject to the golf course’s specific cancellation policy, which can be found in your “Upcoming Reservations” page. Outside of the cancellation policy all fees are refunded to the original payment method. Inside of the cancellation period no refund will be issued unless of course closure.

Can I change the day or time of my reservation?

Hot Deals tee time may be changed before 24 hours of the reservation. Within 24 hours of the reservation your booking cannot be changed or amended.

Non Hot Deal tee times can be cancelled before the golf course cancellation policy. Within the golf course cancellation policy your booking cannot be changed or amended.

To change the date or time of your reservation, you must cancel your existing tee time reservation and rebook a new tee time reservation. Non Hot Deals tee time reservations are subject to the golf course’s cancellation policy, which can be found in your “Upcoming Reservations” page. Convenience fees are not refunded for cancellations or modifications.

Can I add or remove a player to my reservation?

To add an additional player to your tee time you must book another reservation for the same tee time (subject to availability). Prices for tee times can vary and are not guaranteed to be the same as the price at which the original tee time reservation was made. New reservations cannot be price matched to old and existing reservations.

To remove a player from your reservation, go to your “Upcoming Reservations” page and click “Modify Players or Cancel” on the reservation you would like to modify. Select the number of players you wish to remove from your reservation and a reason, then click “Submit Cancellation.” Please note that removing players must comply with the cancellation policy.

What is your weather policy?

Any unplayed reservation can be cancelled and refunded if the golf course is confirmed to be closed on the day of play. To confirm the golf course is closed, a GolfNow representative must call the golf course. Closure is at the discretion of the golf course, not the golfer. To be eligible to receive a refund if the course is closed, you must still have the tee time reservation on the day of play.

While we’ll do our best to inform you if a course is closed or if there are restrictions in place, it is your responsibility to check course status and condition prior to your tee time.

Hot Deals reservations are non-refundable once your round has begun. Non Hot Deal tee time reservations adhere to the golf course’s own policy once the round has begun.

Course maintenance work, playing restrictions, temporary tees/greens etc. are an accepted aspect of the game of golf, and are therefore not grounds for an automatic refund.

If the course is deemed closed on the day of play or within the cancellation policy then please contact a member of the support team for further assistance. Cancellation requests made through the app will not automatically process your refund within the cancellation period.

What is your No-Show Policy?

No-Show Policies can vary at each golf course. Most golf courses reserve the right to charge up to the full amount of the round for any golfers that do not show for a tee time reservation or who do not cancel within the golf course’s cancellation policy.

Tee Times

Did I get the tee time?

After completing your tee time reservation, you will be shown a “Thank You” page containing the details for your reservation and a booking confirmation number. Due to different systems used at various golf courses, there may occasionally be a technical issue that affects or prevents a tee time reservation from reaching the golf course or being recorded in their system. If this occurs, you may be presented with an error message and you can contact a member of customer support to resolve and try to secure the tee time or an alternative tee time.

How far in advance are tee times available?

Tee time availability is determined by each individual golf course on GolfNow. The majority of golf courses make their tee times available between five (5) and fourteen (14) days in advance. However, some golf courses may choose to make their tee times available 30 to 90 days in advance or further depending on their business practices.

Why do you offer tee times that end up not being available?

When tee times from a golf course are loaded into our system, that inventory is available. However, tee times may be sold through a number of different channels after it has been listed on GolfNow.

To see if a tee time is still available, simply start the booking process. Our system will check to see if the tee time is still available. If so, you will be able to continue the booking process. If the tee time is no longer available, we will try to display the closest available tee time and you will be asked if you want to continue the booking process with the new tee time.

Why do tee times seem to appear and disappear?

When you click on a tee time and select the number of players, the tee time is put on hold for five (5) minutes. This allows time to complete the booking process. If you do not complete the process, the tee time will be removed from hold and reappear on the website.


Why is there a Pending Charge on my Credit Card?

In some instances, you may see “pending charges” during the booking process. This can occur when some banks and financial institutions place a “hold” on your card, which can be for a set amount of funds and may show as “pending” for a number of days. If this occurs, please contact your issuing bank or financial institution with questions.

Why is payment due in full for some and not for others?

In order to provide GolfNow members with the best prices, Hot Deals tee times available through GolfNow require payment in full at the time the reservation is made.

In addition, some golf courses may require partial or full payment to be made online during the reservation process. Those requirements are specific to each golf course and subject to their tee time reservation policies.

My card is good, why won't your system accept it?

We accept Visa and MasterCard. Please check that your credit card information has been entered correctly. Double check your card number and expiration date.

Do you charge a booking fee?

We recently removed our £1 booking fee across all tee times on the GolfNow site to offer our customers even better prices.

Promo Codes, Rewards and Credits

How does GolfNow credit work?

GolfNow credits are applied to your GolfNow member account and can be used as a form of payment towards Hot Deals tee times and convenience fees on or the GolfNow mobile app. Any credit you have will automatically be applied during the checkout process. You may choose to save your credit for a later use by unchecking the use credits box.

Does my GolfNow credit expire?

GolfNow credits expire six (6) months after the issue date and cannot be extended or transferred to another GolfNow account. GolfNow credits can be used as a form of payment, and they can be split to be used toward multiple transactions (if there is a remaining balance). Additionally, GolfNow credits may be used in combination with Promo Codes or Rewards Codes toward your reservation. To view your remaining balance or expiration date for a GolfNow credit, go to your account and Manage Payments.

Can I use my Rewards Codes and Promo Codes at the same time?

GolfNow Rewards Promo Codes are stackable and available for use with other Rewards Promo Codes at the same time. To do so, simply enter the Promo Codes you wish to use during checkout and the appropriate value(s) will be subtracted from your total amount.

Certain non-Rewards Promo Codes are also stackable, meaning that they can be combined with Rewards Promo Codes to use toward a tee time reservation. For specific restrictions affecting a Promo Code you may have, please refer to the Terms & Conditions associated with the code you are redeeming.

Will my Promo Code expire?

Each Promo Code has individual Terms & Conditions. For specific restrictions affecting a Promo Code you may have, including expiration date, please refer to the Terms & Conditions associated with the code you are redeeming. Promo Codes can not be extended beyond the expiration date stated in the specific Terms & Conditions conditions that correspond to that code or offer.

GolfNow Memberships

Where can I find more information on a GolfPass Membership?

For more information about GolfPass click here.